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I thought I had it all tied up in a pretty red ribbon at one time; all ready to go off to the printer, but lo and behold, I went to a Life Writing workshop and pretty soon found out that much of what I had written demanded further attention.  Now I’m faced with the challenge of reviewing, re-writing, scrapping and sweating.  I guess that’s what it’s all about.  I tend to view this task as one would view a marathon run, the last half of the race is much harder than the first half and the last two hundred metres is hardest of all.  Well, that’s where I am at and boy would I love to be able to see that tape across the finish line ahead of me.  Even if it was a thin blue tape only just visible through the swirling mists of many pages of text it wouldn’t seem so bad, but when I look ahead there is nothing as comforting as that blue tape ahead of me.

Oh well, another day of sweating over the manuscript with a red pen I guess and straining to get the old grey cells to be more imaginative, more expansive.  Please God, could I have just a little speck of genius to add some spice, a glimmer of brilliance, a scent of humanity or should that be humility to the printed page.

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