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Working on the book again. Again! What an admission.

I thought I had it all tied up in a pretty red ribbon at one time; all ready to go off to the printer, but lo and behold, I went to a Life Writing workshop and pretty soon found out that much of what I had written demanded further attention.  Now I’m faced with the […]


She occupied a room out the back; in Australian parlance called a sleep-out. Most homes had a sleep out, whether at the front or the back. It was often the spare room, sometimes used for a guest, frequently for the overflow of children from the main rooms. Most homes had either back or front verandah, […]

Red Poppies for remberance

The bus chugged up the dusty mountain road, loaded with local passengers, one or two tourists and a few back-packers. Our destination was a little village in the Tuscan hills, a sought-after tourist spot recognized for its spectacular scenery that had featured in many tourism magazines and scenic calendars. On either side of the road […]

When a cup is a mug

For goodness sake! She?s picked the black mug again. I wish she wouldn?t do that. You?d think that I wasn?t to her liking, the way she does that. I can assure you that I am a very elegant looking cup, tall and slim in pristine white china, with a pretty English garden scene on the […]