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Archive for January, 2004


She occupied a room out the back; in Australian parlance called a sleep-out. Most homes had a sleep out, whether at the front or the back. It was often the spare room, sometimes used for a guest, frequently for the overflow of children from the main rooms. Most homes had either back or front verandah, […]

Tasty low fat Zucchini Slice

Ingredients 3 zucchinis Washed and grated 2 Rashers bacon Finely chopped 1cup Sweet potato grated 1 onion Peeled and chopped finely 2 Spring onions Sliced thinly 1cup Shredded cheese Low fat 5 eggs Lightly beaten 1/2cup Olive oil 1 cup Self Raising flour seasoning Method In a large bowl, mix together the chopped and grated […]

Barcelona – Magnificent and Mysterious

An ancient city The beautiful and ancient Moorish city of Barcelona one of my favourite places in Europe. Its gothic quarter or Barri Gotic is simply stunning, with the medieval Gothic cathedral and town hall, displaying the ornate architecture of the period; gargoyles peeping from every crevice and hanging from every crenellation. Little surprises are […]

Prune and marsala preserve

fresh prune plums 6 kilo marsala 500 ml sugar 4.5 kg citric acid 1 dstspn pectin 1 dstspn Wash and halve the fresh prune plums. Place the fruit and acid into a shallow Jam Pan over a very low heat, and stir frequently until the juice of the fruit starts to run. Continue cooking until […]

Red Poppies for remberance

The bus chugged up the dusty mountain road, loaded with local passengers, one or two tourists and a few back-packers. Our destination was a little village in the Tuscan hills, a sought-after tourist spot recognized for its spectacular scenery that had featured in many tourism magazines and scenic calendars. On either side of the road […]

When a cup is a mug

For goodness sake! She?s picked the black mug again. I wish she wouldn?t do that. You?d think that I wasn?t to her liking, the way she does that. I can assure you that I am a very elegant looking cup, tall and slim in pristine white china, with a pretty English garden scene on the […]

In Mama’s Kitchen – a great place to meet

Recipe search Whilst searching for a recipe on the Internet I came upon a most remarkable website, viewed the recipes, read some of the stories and had the strongest urge to tell my own story of my involvement with kitchens, both personal and professional. Diana Serbe My email to Diana Serbe, asking whether she might […]

Golden Syrup Dumplings – my family’s favourite dessert

As my sons have left home they have all requested recipes for such things as Tuna Mournay and Golden Syrup dumplings. In fact recently my youngest son was telling a friend that he wanted her to make golden syrup dumplings. She asked him for the recipe, so he went as usual to the internet, and […]

Food and family fun in outback Australia

“Candlelight and Glitter” We’ve all heard that term, ‘candlelight and glitter.’ It conjures up scenes of candles and romance, gorgeous women wearing glorious gowns and dancing with handsome men in glittering ballrooms, with soft music playing and silver candlesticks gleaming. Well, that’s not how most of us live, is it? In fact most of us […]